We recommend a period of at least 6 months as lead time. Ideally, you are already in our player pool one or two years before your school graduation – Never too early to get a start on the future.

As a first step, it is important for us to receive all relevant information from you to make an accurate assessment of your placement possibilities. Therefore, we ask you to create an Profile on our homepage. On the basis of your general data, your sporting career and your school background, we can give you closer details and decide about your admission to our player pool. We also will be happy to assist you with any additional question you may have.

In order to get included in the player pool, basically each player must conclude an agreement. The agreement stipulates that we are responsible for mentoring and consultation throughout the whole application / enrollment process and that we will contact appropriate universities to receive scholarship offerings. This agreement also entitles you to participate in the Showcase event.

To enable the universities in the USA to assess the sporting and academic requirements, the following things should be submitted to us as soon as possible after you get included into the player pool:

  • Footage: We ask you – in consultation with us – to capture meaningful video material from your current or past club or to let your parents make video recordings of complete games (2-3 games). We need this material to make a high-quality application video – the cutting of the videos is done by our experienced staff. Besides to the live scouting at the Showcase this is the second pillar for the US coach to get an impression of your skills.
  • Test Results: Since the two tests (usually TOEFL and SAT) in connection with your graduation certificate determine which universities in the USA are suitable for you, we recommend these two tests to be completed as promptly as possible. It is important that you therefore schedule sufficient time for the preparation according to your individual skill level. Our experience has shown that, with appropriate preparation, very good results can be achieved. Important: In the case of very good achievements, further academic scholarship fees may result.

In addition to the things above, you have to translate your certificates (from the 9th grade onwards) and verify them and also apply for a permission to play at the corresponding holding organization (NCAA, NAIA).

After obtaining scholarship offers from individual universities, we forward them to you immediately and you can decide for yourself, if you want to accept. In case you are signing a scholarship contract, you can enroll at your chosen college.

Before the start into the adventure USA, you only have to apply for a visa at the US embassy and book the flight to America. ProSoc can be your agent during this new and exciting adventure in life.