Academy & Player Consulting

In addition to the placement of soccer scholarships, ProSoc is active in two other business areas:



With ProSoc ACADEMY we are running a soccer academy, which offers its services to American children and young people living with their families in Germany. The heart of the ACADEMY is in the Ramstein and the Kaiserslautern region. Each year ProSoc ACADEMY assembles roughly 2,000 children and teenagers aged between 3 and 18, weekly training sessions under the supervision of licensed coaches as well as former professionals plus a variety of soccer camps. In addition, ACADEMY is participating in the German gaming operation with the American youth teams. Several times a year, the best American players in Europe are given the opportunity to take part in American Federation activities in the USA through our Olympic Development Program (ODP) and to be nominated for regional and national teams.



The focus of ProSoc Player Consulting is on the support of our pool players even after their commitment to play college soccer. Due to our players´agent license and network to German and American pro leagues, we were able to help several players with the next step in their careers (e.g. Paul Hoffmeister/MLS-Draft, Amber Brooks/FC Bayern München).

We also support our players during their course of studies with the search for jobs and internships in the sports business field (e.g. internship at New York Red Bulls). Based on our experiences at prestigious corporations in the German and American market, we are a first-class contact partner for the career development of our pool players. (ab Minute 10)