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To be able to receive a valuable sport scholarship in the U.S., you should fulfill some prerequisites regarding your academics and your sport.

In terms of your academics, you only should have your Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (AVCE) or you should at least strive to get your AVCE or you should already be studying at a German university. You can improve your chances with good grades as well as with good English. Important: If your grades are not that good, it doesn´t mean that you won´t get a soccer scholarship. A low English level is also not a knock-out criterion. If anything: It is important to know that there are colleges with high requirements and others with low requirements in terms of academics – every college makes its own decision about these requirements. Consequently, using your profile and your goals enables us to find the perfect university for you.

The college teams compete on different levels. If you play (or have played) on the subsequent level in Germany, there is basically a high chance that you will receive an offer for a soccer scholarship in the U.S.

Youth Men/Women
Boys Bundesliga – Verbandsliga Regionalliga – Landesliga
Girls Bundesliga – Regionalliga Bundesliga – Verbandsliga

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