Soccer scholarship - why?

A sports/soccer scholarship in North America is the best way to combine your academic your and sportive apprenticeship with the advantage that the colleges take most of the costs for tuition fee, accommodation and meals, sometimes even the full costs.

Please read Soccer Scholarship for more detailed information.

Why USA?

Due to the American sports system, the US provides the unique chance to combine sportive and academic career as well as immersing yourself in American culture and society. In comparison to Germany where sports and education are separated, the US integrates sports into the educational system. This allows a perfect link of playing soccer and studying.

Do I fulfill the requirements for a scholarship?

To be able to judge your chances for a scholarship we need some information on your academic and sports background. Please fill in the form Chances Evaluation or apply for our player pool by compiling your Profile.

Please see also Requirements for more detailed information.

What costs are covered by a scholarship?

Which fees will be covered by a scholarship depends on its scale (full vs partial scholarship). A full scholarship covers the fees for:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Food

Some colleges also cover fees for books, and of course you will receive jerseys and clothing for training. Further you are allowed to use the advantages of a gym, physio therapist, etc.

Further information about costs that are not covered by any scholarship can be found at  Soccer Scholarship - Expenditures.

Which factors determine the amount of my scholarship?

We can neither predict the amount of a scholarship nor guarantee a full scholarship. It basically depends on different aspects of you (the player) and the college. Please see the table below for aspects coaches take into consideration when they offer a sport scholarship.

Player related aspects College related aspects
Sportive level Available budget
References Need of players in your position
Quality provided from video material
Akademic level
What costs come along with the service of ProSoc?

A commission fee is due when you enroll at an US University as regular student – the client has the right to decide if he enroll at an US University. Please note that we avoid high service fees at the beginning of our collaboration - we only take a small payment to cover our basic costs.

When can I start in the US?

You can start your studies in the US twice a year. The most popular time is in August. This is when the season begins and the coaches are looking to complete their teams. Thus, most scholarships are available that time. A second chance is in January. But for spring term coaches have less scholarships, so your chance will be higher in August.

How long can I receive a scholarship?

Usually sports scholarship are valid for one year, but will be extended till the end of your studies, on the condition that you keep your sportive level as well as your permission to play in the respective league. However, the maximum length of a scholarship is the regular duration of your studies – four years. We will be of assistance to you once/if you are offered a scholarship to understand the wording of the award.

Do I have to graduate in the US?

No, you don’t have to stay the entire time (four years) in the US. Every scholarship is valid for one year and usually will be extended year by year till the end of your studies. However, several students only stay for one or two years and continue their studies in Germany after gaining some experience acquired abroad.

Can I loose my scholarship?

Don’t be afraid, you won’t lose your scholarship because of bad performance or an injury. It may only occur that the scholarship will be reduced. However, this is rather unusual. But cheating with exams, not passing classes, breaking college rules (e.g. drugs, alcohol, …) or unfair sportive behavior might be reasons to lose the scholarship. In our experience, we have not seen the issue arise.

What can I study in the US?

Usually you can study anything you want as long as the university offers the what you want and there are no restrictions. Thanks to the large number of universities in America you have a bigger range of choices. Your choice does not depend on your scholarship and you don’t need to choose a sport related subject. Choose the subjects you are interested in. However, be aware that it might be more difficult to recognize a degree in law and medicine in another country than for example in business administration or scientific subjects.

How is the acceptation of my US degree?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer or guarantee. Within Europe the recognition is already agreed, internationally there is still some agreement necessary.
A lot of German universities enable master studies with an American bachelor's degree. In addition, an international certificate is highly recognized by international companies.

What is the TOEFL?

“TOEFL” Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test to measure your english language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in english –speaking universities.  You can’t fail the exam – if you are not satisfied with your results, you can retake the exam. The results are valid for two years.

What is the SAT?

U.S. universities look at many factors when making admission decisions, including your SAT score. Many students, also American students take the SAT subjects test to spotlight their skills in specific subjects.

What is the league system and what level can I expect? How is the season structured?

You will find detailed information on the league, the season as well as a level comparison with German soccer leagues under Background.

What is the difference between a junior college and a "normal" college?

Due to academic requirements (GPA, TOEFL, SAT) several students do not get access to a NCAA or NAIA college. They have the chance to attend a 2-Years Junior College first and then be transferred to a 4-Years-College where they take their last 2 years of classes. The advantages are that the last graduation is important - so a Junior College has no negative impact. In addition, a Junior College is much cheaper than most 4-Years Colleges and can be also financial option if you have to pay lots of money on your own at a 4-Years College.

What is the Showcase?

ProSoc College Showcase (Boys & Girls) is our scouting event which points your way ahead for the finding of a sport scholarships. Thanks to our large network with US-Colleges we see it as our responsibility to offer you a platform to present yourself for a soccer scholarship in North America. The event takes place once a year (February) in the sports center in Hennef.

Please find further information at „Showcase – Information for Players“

What is my benefit when I'm a well-performing in competitive sports?

There are lots of high competitive universities in the USA as well as contacts to the US professional leagues - that means great chances. You can expect the best training circumstances to secure your sportive developement (Infrastructure, Staff etc.).