Soccer scholarship USA – Why?

Are you wondering what are the advantages of a scholarship in North America? That’s explained quite easily.

No other countries than the US and Canada offer the outstanding opportunity to combine academic and sportive aspects for one’s career. This results in the American sports and education system, which includes the competitive sports in high schools and colleges. Universities (colleges) usually offer several sports and occupy staff (Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Physical Therapists, and Video Analysts) specifically for the college teams as well as excellent training facilities (soccer fields/arena, gym). A lot of athletes claim a roster spot on a professional soccer (MLS) team after their studies thanks to these elite programs.

The colleges compete in different divisions for a national championship. In doing so, every team represents its college all over America and thus be the flagship of the university. That’s why athletes and especially scholarship students, enjoy a high reputation on the campus. The significance of the competitions is reflected in the high number of spectators during championship matches.

To assemble the most competitive team and being of interest for good player’s colleges allocate high class scholarships to shining soccer players. Scholarships are of interest for everyone who wants to study in the US. Without any scholarship studying is quite expensive. Depending on the university they raise tuition fees from 30,000-80,000 US $ per year. A scholarship absorbs your costs for the tuition fee, accommodation and meals either completely or at least in large parts.

Due to the close connections, you have the unique chance to combine soccer and academic development. Colleges try to gear training sessions and courses of lecture to avoid athletes will miss their classes. In case this happens, because of championship matches, athletes are exempted from the lecture automatically. Typically, the attendance of classes is compulsory. The same procedure is used when athletes miss an exam on match days.

You’re not sure about the subject you want to study? No problem, the colleges usually offer a myriad of majors where you can choose from and in the first semester there are general classes which you must take. Besides the colleges have advisors who helps you to find the best courses and try to make your experience as smooth as possible. Being a scholarship student doesn’t mean that you must study a sport related major.

Thanks to international recognized degrees (Bachelor/Master) you will have a lot of different opportunities after your graduation. Further the time abroad enhances your language skills and your personality by gaining international experience and raising your self-reliance.