Interview with Ally Murphy

My name is Ally Murphy # 2, I have been playing soccer since the third grade. I lived my whole life in Germany, and just recently moved back to the United States to attend college and play soccer as a Hornet at Alabama State University.

Health Education is my major.

Ally Murphy

I asked ProSoc to help me because I knew I was going to get quality coaching and gain so many new skills as a player. ProSoc’s program was an excellent experience. Every training season and every game or tournament helped me grow into the player I am today.

I chose Alabama State University because it just felt right. I had looked at a lot of different schools, but ASU just seemed to be the one for me.

My university is quite small. You can get from one end of campus to the other in about 15 minutes. We are located in Montgomery Alabama. Our mascot is a Hornet. We are a up and coming institution and are always looking for ways to improve our school.


One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome and it applied both to soccer and everyday life was making the transition to life in America. I lived in Germany my whole life, so it was all I knew, so coming back to America was exciting yet nervous. With the help of my coaches, teachers, and especially my teammates I was able to make smooth transition into the college life here in America.

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