ProSoc is committed to find the best possible university and scholarship for you. We’re convinced that the college sport system is very beneficial for young aspiring athletes since it allows you to combine high-level athletics with a reputable college degree without losing much time on the way.

We offer you a largely success-based model, where you pay a smaller sum at the beginning and with progress of the process and a larger one at the end of the service, only when you successfully enrolled at a university of your choice. This is very customer-friendly and we can only offer this model because we’re confident that – through or large number of contacts – we can offer you outstanding options that you’ll take advantage of.

We do not receive any commissions from institutions or coaches, we finance our work solely through the fees that we charge the families that we work with. This way, we don’t only ensure our clients’ eligibility for scholarships, but also make sure that we act in your best interest.

Please contact us if you are interested in further information regarding our terms and conditions with current prizes etc. – we look forward to providing you with these informations on request.

A sports scholarship offers you the unique chance to reduce tuition fees as well as costs for accommodation and meals – ideally even completely. Please note, a scholarship is not a loan or credit which you must repay. Therefore, colleges allocate scholarships to nurture academic and sportive aspirations of a soccer player. Even if you don’t receive a full scholarship and you must pay some fees by yourself, this does not mean that it’s worse situation than in your home country where you also have to pay for several costs (i.e. tuition, accomodation, food etc.).

Prior to attending an US University there are the following costs that are not covered by any scholarship (estimated numbers):

  • 230€ TOEFL
  • 90€ SAT
  • 230€ Translated & Certified Transcripts
  • 120€ Eligibility Process (NCAA / NAIA)
  • 440€ Visa (only in case of successful commitment)
  • 800€ Flight (only in case of successful commitment)

Please note that the costs above are not referred to our agency – they are required due to the necessities of the process and have to be paid to the respective institutions (i.e. Translation Service, NCAA/NAIA, US Embassy etc.).