In order to ensure the best possible conditions for a successful placement of a soccer scholarship in the USA, we are working with plenty of partners. Our partners include American universities as well as sports associations and other corporations in Germany.

US Universities

Due to our exclusive partner contract and membership to the US federation (US Youth Soccer) as well as our collaboration with the US coaches association (United Soccer Coaches Association) we offer an unlimited and nationwide access to all US universities. Please note that we do not operate only with a small number of colleges or regions – we guarantee the biggest chances to find your best university to combine both academics and sport.

US Associations

The most important association partner for ProSoc COLLEGE SHOWCASE is the American Soccer Federation (US Youth Soccer) with whom we have partnered with to network and continually develop to ensure the highest levels of success for our athletes. However, the successful intermediation is also dependent on a review of an American holding organization (NCAA / NAIA). ProSoc Academy is in constant contact to ensure that there won’t be any problems with your permission to Play.

Other Cooperation Partners

For our yearly Showcase event, we have a competent partner in the sports school Hennef, who provides an optimal environment; including of that are excellent accommodations as well as outstanding training and competition conditions.

To offer competent partners in the application process we have signed a cooperation contract with selected service providers whose offers you can utilize. For example, you can benefit from the services of the Translation Office of Kern AG which is able to translate and authenticate your school certificates.

We partner with a multitude of German Foundations to assist in dissemination of soccer scholarships, especially in schools where soccer enthusiastic players can see this as a great opportunity right after their graduation. The Fritz Walter Stiftung in particular is a close partner in that area.