Our services

With our comprehensive service, we enable you the way to receive a soccer scholarship by the following:


First step for you is the Application Boys / Girls on our website – based on your general, sportive and academic information we verify your application carefully and give you personal feedback as soon as possible. If you fulfill the requirements for a scholarship at a US university, we permit you to our player pool. You are interested in your chances to get one of these scholarships? Then take the opportunity to receive an evaluation based on our free Chances Evaluation.

In case of acceptance we provide you with our contract that allows us to assist and consult within the application and enrollment process. With signing the contract, you enhance our players pool and all coaches from US universities and have access to your online profile – this profile includes all required information for coaches and can be revised with your login details.


We offer our annual ProSoc College Showcase in the Education Center Hennef that gives you an exclusive platform to get into the focus of several top-tier coaches attending the event and observing you at friendly matches and intra-squad games. Our sport program is enhanced by performance tests and video analysis – therefore coaches can be provided with footage after the event. To give coaches any idea prior to our showcase, it is important to provide them with relevant information (Videos, TOEFL & SAT test score).


One of the most relevant aspects is the production of your high-quality promotion video by our ProSoc staff that should underline your abilities and skills in soccer. Due to the expertise of our staff in the field of video analysis we arise the chances for your successful commitment. You only have to provide us with recorded matches – we will support you with our advice how to generate this rough material.


To be accepted from an academic side you need a TOEFL/IELTS or SAT/ACT tests and scores. The TOEFL/IELTS tests your English language skills, the SAT/ACT is focused on general abilities to make sure that you are able to succeed in your study. Prior to the test you will be provided with instructions how to register and prepare for these tests. We also support you to find the most suitable test dates.


All our negotiations with US colleges are in cooperation with you. We inform you immediately about request of universities and connect you with interested coaches. You will be provided with detailed information about the scholarship amount as well as other background information about the program of the respective university.


Knowledge of each university profile is an important key factor to find a customized solution for your individual requirements. These aspects include the amount of scholarships a program has available, academic program and reputation, location, sportive level of the college team and more. We assist you with our expertise to make the best decision.


After your decision for your preferred university you should contact the college coach for an agreement. Afterwards you will be provided with your scholarship contract that you must sign and send back to the university. At this point we can offer your assistance to check the contract.


Registration with the NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Center is required to be eligible for playing soccer in the USA. Please note that you are not allowed to compete with your college team if you do not have the permission of NCAA / NAIA. Therefore it is important to keep in touch with us during the eligibility process.


Similar to German universities, you have to enroll at your preferred university. In collaboration with the international staff, the respective college we help you with will provide all required documents to have the most smooth process as possible.


If you have inquiries regarding your insurance we give you advice based on our experience. Depending on each university there are different options you can choose between.


Last step prior to your start in the USA is the request of the visa at the US embassy. This document is required being allowed to enter the USA. This process can take a while – so it is important being early in time and providing all required documents accurately. To start this process you have to contact the US embassy for a Visa (F1-Visum, USA).